Thanks for expressing interest in purchasing a specialized mining rig through Nui. Nui Social is busy working through logistics and ironing out details. We'll keep you informed and up-to-date as we go through the process. But, rest assured, you're on our list and will be contacted with more information. Stay tuned! Contacted  5-24-2018 then ordered a Kala mining rig.

1-14-20019   Gigahash mining is working well free membership ends March 2019!

7-23- 2018 mining rig arrives  Kala rig has been set up.

12-1-2018 Gigahash mining !

11-11- 2018 This is  offer to go into mining contract .​As a valued Kala Rig owner, we are excited to inform you of a NEW, simpler way to mine Kala. Mintage Mining now offers 4 Th/s Kala mining contracts, which allows you to purchase hash rate from mining rigs that Mintage owns and run in their facility. This is a more efficient way to mine Kala.

Benefits you’ll love with the new Kala mining contract:

No-fuss mining (no noise, no heat, no high power bills...)
Continue to mine and earn Kala daily 
Mintage monitors conditions for peak rig performance (temperature, internet, etc.) 
Take advantage of Mintage’s business utility rates, which may be lower than residential rates
Mintage takes on the risk of hardware failure; if a rig breaks down, we repair or replace it and you just keep mining

Kala mining contracts require a monthly fee of $115 to pay for electricity, internet, and other maintenance etc. Available hash rate is limited by inventory, but as one of our current rig owners, we’re offering you first chance to switch from mining in your own home to a Kala mining contract before opening it up to new miners.

If you choose to take advantage of this offer, you would need to ship your rig back to Mintage, along with the first month’s maintenance fees ($115 by check, money order, or cashier’s check made out to Symatri). Your Kala mining contract will then become active once your rig has been received and inspected.

Still want to keep your rig and mine more Kala through a mining contract? No problem. As part of this offer, you can also purchase a new Kala mining contract before the public. Please reply back if you would like to convert over to the simple new way of mining Kala or purchase a new mining contract.

Thank you for mining with Mintage!
-The Mintage Team

​5 10 2019 launch of COCO gigahash mining agreements 

February 8 2019 Fat Jerry spends Litecoin to mine Kalacoin

ask nui international about the Kala gigahash hashrate program

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Kala mining review coming soon,, 

March 29 2019 looking into convert rig to terahash plan. Summer is coming ,.

Kala miner has 6.05 terahash on 6-17-2019

1-6-2019  Fat Jerry team opinion ,it is time to look @ Mintage mining plans . #everythingblockchain

​9-14-2018    This update is the most interesting on the whole blog!



OCTOBER 31 2018 Halloween -the little auntrouter has been doing better mining Kala than we expected..Now,this is the first month.. We shall do a comparison end of November...

3-21-2019  Compchain coin mining coming 

My Ping in

Compchain CoCo mining now at Mintage mining !

8-16-2018  Kala wallet launches #kalacoin

1-24 -2018 Peer to Peer launches in our Kala wallet

6-14- 2018  Bitcoin unique blog update .​Kala Rigs will begin shipping within the U.S. and soon internationally. Once all Group 1 purchasers have received their rigs, Group 1 miners will get exclusive Kala mining access for 30 days--earning a minimum of 250,000 Kala! 

​September to remember Antrouter 9-24-2018

Kala mining rigs launch  review from an independent kala miner

12-19-2019  Nui international folks are mining Kala 

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Today is the day! Kala’s revolutionary blockchain is NOW LIVE! Group 1 miners will have exclusive mining access for the next 30 days and then the network will be opened to Group 2 rig owners.


​8-19-2018  Phase 2 has started  - go here for hashrate Kala mining modems have been launched

As the Kala coin rolls out,we will post to this blog !Very interesting project ,,the unique Bitcoin fork.

​Social media marketing independent Nui dude

kala review Mintage mining 

SHA-256 100

7-19-2018  Kala rig has been working @ 5.34 TH today

Address  independent Nui Social member