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"R" Network

We will get paid on Fanns usage. We are paid  up 10 levels.

EVERY customer who refers another customer gets paid even WITHOUT paying monthly fees.

Revv card is like a mini computer

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Fst Jerry rNetwork training page

This training and resource guide is designed to help you get started with r network. Please take a moment to review and apply this important information and complete First Things First.

Get to know your r network replicated website ______________________

Write down your Member ID#_______________________________________
Write down your enroller's name and phone number________________
Write down your r network email ____________________________________
Write down your r network password ________________________________Your Replicated website:*YourMemberID*
r network FIELD GUIDE
Coming Soon
The r network field guide gives an overview of the r network opportunity.
r network SOCIAL MEDIA
• r network Corporate: The official r network corporate Facebook page keeps you up to date on the latest
r network corporate announcements. “Like” the r network Corporate Facebook page and click the Get Started link at the bottom of the chat window.
• r network - rWorld The corporate Facebook group for third-party validation, social media proof and recognition
• r network - r RiseUp: The corporate Facebook group where you’ll find training topics like recruiting, social media,
compensation plan, motivation and personal development.
The r network corporate YouTube
r network GLOBAL TRAINERS WEBSITE A website sponsored by r network global trainers offering training meetings, live opportunity meetings and a Getting Started link to help you and your new Charter Members get off on the right foot.
PROSPECTING WEBSITES A non-corporate website that highlights the revolutionary revv card, an exclusive discount plan and introduces the founders.
Live support is available Monday – Friday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm Mountain Time. Click the chat button in the lower right corner of your replicated website. Customer service can be reached at all other times through email.

​ "Make money by saving people all over the world, money." 
 R network
 Those of us leaders that were in attendance will be the first to be invited into the affiliate program to begin building the first 5 levels of the 3x10 forced matrix structure. After approximately 30 days, the program will be open to the world. It is important that you stay on this group in order to be the first to receive my sign-up code as soon as it becomes available.
2. The Revv Card has all the features of a bank account, and much more - checking, bill pay, crypto storage and exchange, instant savings at over 275K merchants and 600K hotels and resorts,fiat money and precious metals storage, instant money exchange between cards, affiliate program to make money as people swipe and save, just to name a few.
**All fiat is insured by FDIC insurance and crypto is 100% by overnight US treasuries and underwritten by major worldwide insurance policy.
3. Non affiliate Members sign up for FREE. Once you get a sign-up code, you'll complete a free KYC (Know Your Customer) the same as you would to open a typical bank account.
4. The Revv Card program is NOT an MLM. There are no products exchanged. Commissions are paid by the merchant fees as people swipe their cards - a powerful affiliate program!
5. Because the banking industry is highly regulated, we are not allowed to describe the Revv program as a bank. The only reference we can make is that the card is like carrying your bank in your wallet, or purse.
6. Revv Card stands for revenue-sharing card. Members are customers; Charter Members are affiliates. Once a member signs up, he/she will have an option to pre-order a Revv Card. Once the Revv Card is shipped, Members will be able to replace their original plastic card with the metal Revv Card and load all of their credit, debit, and reward cards onto it to save wallet/purse space and take advantage of discount pricing. The pre-Revv plastic card will not contain the discount services but the card use will still reward Charter Members with affiliate commissions. With the Revv Card, Members will be rewarded with instant discounts on over 375K merchants and 600K hotels and resorts worldwide, with those numbers continually increasing as membership grows.
7. To be invited to be a Charter Member, a person has to refer 10 FREE card Members. Charter Member fees are $60, then $30 per month thereafter. Of the $30 monthly, $10 is paid, weekly, to the enroller and $1 is paid is paid per level up 10 levels (another $10). If you enroll just 3, yours is better than FREE ($33 per month income.) And that doesn't include your individual savings or the monthly card swipe income from everyone in your group! All payments are paid from the R-chain blockchain, assuring accuracy and transparency.
8. Card security is assured by a thumbprint reader on the back of the card. To activate your card, you place your thumb on it. If you forget your card and walk away approximately 30 feet, you card will call your cell phone and let you know you left it behind If a certain time passes, your card will data dump and all you have to do to reload it is to place your thumb on it.
9. The Kala token will be listed on the top of all cryptos and will be the ONLY crypto with a point of sale option. This means that if you have no fiat in your bank account, you can still make a purchase if you have Kala The Revv Card will convert your Kala into cash at the point of purchase.
10. All promotion of the Revv Card program will through company approved literature, video or website. Anyone using unapproved materials will be subject to termination. The company has an introductory video in production as we speak.
11. The Revv Card is honored on the worldwide Star Network. Cards can be loaded and utilized at any Star Network teller worldwide.
12. The Revv Card will be sold through R-Network and Walmart only. Walmart will not have our affiliate program.
13. The Revv Card program will be able to be introduced by Charter Members to businesses and their employees worldwide. Small business merchant fees will be less joining the R-Network.
14. Charter Members will be eligible to earn commissions on all 10 levels by enrolling 10 personal Charter Member affiliates - one additional level paid for each Charter Member enrolled (up to 10).

Fast Start
You did it! You have joined r network and are on your way to saving money and making money!
The quick start unit is designed to help you get your Me and 3 in your first 1-7 days!
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1- Copy one of the sample scripts below and send it to your Fab 5. These are the first five people you would call in the middle of the night to come pick you up if you were stranded. Trust me they will want to at least have the opportunity to see what you are doing. If you don’t contact your fab five and share this opportunity they will probably be a little upset that you didn’t, when you’re making even just $100 a month let alone a full-time income.
2-If your contacts haven’t gotten back to you within 4-6 hours, copy and paste one of the follow up messages below.
3- For those who have responded with wanting to know more or even wanting to get started, Set up a three-way chat or call with and up line leader. This could be one to three or even five levels up as good news travels fast.
Example script 1:
Hey (insert name)
I have been invited to be an early adopter to “The Next Big Thing”!
Watch this short 2 min video to see what I’m talking about.
There is also a VERY lucrative income potential!!
The cost is minimal, only $68 to join, and it has already been paying out since early June.
You really have nothing to lose!
If you would like to:

Save money on things you’re already purchase.
Make a little extra income on the side
Replace an income.Get back to me ASAP and I can send you the details.
Example script 2:
I have been invited to be an early adopter to “The Next Big Thing”!
Watch this short 2 min video about the new SMART Card and let me know if this is something you would also like to be a part of.
Aside from being one of the first people to get their hands on this SMART card, there is also a VERY lucrative way to make money.
Become an early adopter and pay only $68 to join. Get back to me ASAP if you’d like to be part of our team!
Example 3
Invite to close family and friends
Hey NAME, I just wanted to run something by you real quick. I just became part of a company that’s offering a smart card, and really believe this is going to be massive!! The investment of $38 a month is so minimal and worth the shot of being part of something that could be massive and that has already been paying out.
The RevCard is definitely cool, but the ability to earn money on everyone’s swipes and be at the top of the team building structure is rare.
It’s not a big deal if you want to pass, I just wanted to at least give you the opportunity to be part of the first to take it to market, if you would like.
That way you can’t be mad at me if this ends up being huge and I didn’t tell you about it :-)
Let me know if you want to partner with me and I’ll send you the link to get setup.
Talk to you soon.
Make sure and comment below when you have completed this.

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