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=​Charter Member of r network, we have the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of a personal financial revolution that is going to catch the world by surprise. Purchase revvolution and we shall become part of an exclusive discount-buying network and exclusive discount travel network, and have access to many other products that will provide passive income and savings for our future.​​​​​​​

​Too Summarize:
VERY powerful changes, (enhancements to the comp plan).

1- People will either want to become a Charter Member or a Customer (See "Lets Talk Money.' post in here for what that means) - If you read the pinned post, you will see the comp plan in its entirety, with the changes from last night added to it.

The RevvCard will retail for $150.00 for customers ONLY

The RevvCard will cost Charter Members $99.00

If you sell a RevvCard, whether you are a customer or Charter Member, you will receive $25.

If you are a Charter Member, you will receive $25 and $1.00 ($10.00 will be paid up 10 TIERS) - See com plan posts.

Customers pay $0/month but can only receive commission on their customers, no one else.

That is their customers initial purchase of the card $25 and 1/10th of 1% on their customer's purchases.

Charter Members, well they receive A LOT MORE! (See comp plan).

Can you imagine becoming a Charter Member, unlocking all 10 TIERS and learning how to flood your business with customers on top of it?

WATCH my training call this Friday at 5 PM MDT and learn how!!! (The announcement for this call is also posted in here).

Another great upgrade to the plan:

Your first 3 Charter Members will pay you $10/month and there will be $20 as opposed to $10 paid up the TBS (Again, see comp plan).

You will also still receive the commission on swipes!


Video #1 should come out this next week, along with our links (YES!!!).

Use their video and not your own! (See post on compliance).

You may use ads and market as long as you use the same verbiage as corporate.

Corporate will be releasing 9 videos per week.

You can pick and choose which videos you want to use.


ZERO tolerance on this, none, zip, zilch, nada, no can do, stay away, danger, stranger danger, not a good idea, do not even think about it. <--- Clear enough?

We will market like the pros. We will teach you how.

Even if you are making "X" amount and you can prove it, do NOT post it.

Do NOT tell people in your marketing that they can make "X" amount or even up to "X" amount.

They can learn the comp plan on their own and see what they can make.


Our list of 600,000 Merchant Partners is a fraction of what it will be. It has already grown and will continue to do so.

You will also see how much money you saved just by using the RevvCard. No one will think about paying $35/month as a Charter Member when they see what they are saving!


You will be paid by saving your team money, That is incentive to teach your team to use the card, )Like they won't anyway, smhhh),

Those bonuses and thresholds will be announced shortly.


I will teach you all how to do it very effectively.


See Reg A, a new law that you should all be thrilled about. You will all have an opportunity to own stock in this company, whether or not you are an accredited investor! (Again study up on Reg A).


Links and first corporate video out next week (Most Likely).

Charter Member Fees collected in May and first commission run paid in May!
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