Kala mining review coming soon,, 

Thanks for expressing interest in purchasing a specialized mining rig through Nui. Nui Social is busy working through logistics and ironing out details. We'll keep you informed and up-to-date as we go through the process. But, rest assured, you're on our list and will be contacted with more information. Stay tuned! Contacted  5-24-2018 then ordered a Kala mining rig.

Kala mining rigs launch  review from an independent kala miner

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6-14- 2018  Bitcoin unique blog update .​Kala Rigs will begin shipping within the U.S. and soon internationally. Once all Group 1 purchasers have received their rigs, Group 1 miners will get exclusive Kala mining access for 30 days--earning a minimum of 250,000 Kala! 

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As the Kala coin rolls out,we will be back to this blog !Very interesting project ,,the unique Bitcoin fork.